Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Fall Update

 So much time has gone by since our last update, I feel like there is so much I should have to tell.   However I don't think I can think of anything off the top of my head. 

AS of late, I have been so busy with work, appointments, the dogs, and all that I don't have time to write.  Tues & Wednesdays are out. The dogs are home & demand so much freaking attention & participation from me that I do not have time to sit on the PC. 

Also, the set up in my office--if I don't have my laptop plugged in there nothing is getting done.  I get so focused on work that everything else is out the window.   

So the pups are mostly doing well.  The house is definitely chaos when they are home.  Their personalities all bring some sort of craziness to the table.   Lada with her extreme love of Mommy & fetch (only with a tennis ball!), Peryn with his demanding of fetch with whatever toy he drops at your feet or his goading Volos into chasing him. Volos who's newest love is to climb into Mommy's lap.   Yep. 68# of fur loves to be cuddled up with Momma.   I actually love it!  He's such a big baby.   He still loves hoarding all the toys, but "allows" Ziva to take what she wants.   He still plays with Lada in some of the calmer moments.   Then we have the baby, Ziva. 

She is ....seriously we love this girl. She is so sweet & fun & energetic.  She loves play care.  Has a blast running all around.  

She's SOOOOOOOOOO BIG.  We currently do not have any way to weigh her, but I just saw a post that her Mom is 101# & sister Rixie is 53#.  Ziva is on the lean side.  I'm going to say she's about 49ish #.   Not too far off from Volos! 

Everyone loves her.  Seriously, day care we hear about how cute she  is. Rich gets stopped on his walks because people have to take a picture.    SHE LOVES EVERYONE.  This is the most well-adjusted dog I've had in.... EVER.  

Good news/bad news.  Currently she seems to be favoring Rich over me.   Part of me is sad since I want ALL the puppies, but really this is what we wanted for him.  She is so over joyed when he comes home from work.  She also likes to climb into his lap for some interaction in the evenings.   Rich of course is so happy because Volos & Lada clearly prefer me.  Peryn is a mixed bag.  Hard to tell as he isn't a cuddly dog.  

Rich takes her & Peryn on walks in the park at minimum 3x week. She tolerates it, but she'd rather be doing other things. She loves the interaction with the people & dogs she sees.

We went back to the farm & Janet (owner) was there with their pack of dogs. She & the dogs played with Ziva. Ziva was in heaven!  We haven't gotten to go back yet because one thing or another keeps us from going. 

Ziva--loves her pack.  Whether or not they feel the same....shrugs.   Volos allows her to be right next to him in his spot, allows her to steal from him, PLAYS TUG with her, & just all around puts up with her.   She tends to stick by him the most.  

Peryn-- he treats her like he treats the rest. He barks or growls at her for different things..... I'm waiting for the day they play tug.

Lada--She tolerates her. She deals with her being by Mommy when it's Lada cuddle time. She does play with her at day care from what I hear.  They've played here once that I saw.  I think they may have played tug.. Can't really remember. 

So yeah, it is definitely more action around the house than previously.   

On the downside,  as of late Little Z has had some GI issues.  A lot has to do with the stuff she tends to pick up on & chew (and swallow).  Last week she ended up eating a jar of my Eczema balm & I had to do an online chat with a Vet to determine if I needed to take her to my vet.   Luckily I didn't , but there were consequences from that.  
Currently we're going on 36 hrs of issues.  Vet was closed today, so I will call in the am.   Rich & I said we wouldn't be surprised if she ate a rock or two.  This girl has been obsessed with the rocks that surround the patio.   This dog is constantly picking up things she is NOT supposed to have & chewing/swallowing. 

She stole my Hawaiian Scooby off the shelf (AGAIN) & destroyed the grass skirt & tag.  It is extremely hard to find this one.  SO I am a tad bid upset about that.  She is getting taller, so she reaches higher. Takes things off the taller side tables.  Shoes. paperwork. Above mentioned balm.    
We will be so glad when teething is over with.  

SO as I said, she's having some issues that have gone on too long now.  So cha ching to the vet we will go. X-rays will probably happen.   

So i think I am going to wind this up.  I need to go prep the pics to share with you.

Thanks for checking in.   

Saturday, September 11, 2021

Pupdate: September 11 2021


Believe me when I say the lack of updates is due to just how much is going on.   We have a lot going on today, but I have a few minutes to fill you in on as much as I can.    


As of this week she is officially at play care with the others.  Since bringing her home we've brought her up there a few times to get used to the gals who work there. They've watched her twice when we needed & allowed her to become acclimated to the surroundings.   

The thing is, she is such a chill pup--it doesn't phase her.   SO after receiving her final shots on Tuesday, we took her to daycare for her "trial" so to speak.  That was an hour and half of getting to go into the play area & sniff/meet the others.   

Wednesday we introduced her to the farm. I had discovered last week that water does not phase her (the hose) so of course she had no fear with the pond.   Glad we bought her a life vest because she has one awkward doggy paddle.     

Thursday she did a half day at day care.  When I brought her home, she passed out most of the day.   Friday-yesterday- she ended up doing almost a full day.   Girl did not sleep until bedtime.    So today since it's open, she's spending the whole day with her siblings.

From the reports of the gals that work there, she's having a blast.  She loves meeting new people & dogs so this is perfect for her.   She gets to run around & play & have a good time. 

Siblings..... Lada has attempted to play with her a few times. I actually recorded one such time, but other than that--not really much.   I'm hoping Lada will play more with her now that she goes to daycare.  That happened with her & Volos so we shall see if it happens with Z. 

Volos & Z.  Pretty much the same.  They're side by side a lot (Ziva's doing). He tolerates her taking stuff from him & being around him.   I think he grudgingly likes her.  As I have said before--she ADORES him. 

She also tries to play with Lada --but as I said above--the reciprocal is not so often. 

She is HUGE.   She towers over Lada. She's about to surpass Peryn. AND top it off, if you're not paying good attention you can mix Volos & her up.   

She is 36.5# as of Tuesday.   She's still a beauty.  She really has made dealing with a puppy very easy. She has such a laid back personality, doesn't let much bother her.  She loves people.  She loves dogs. She likes water.  She is still teething, so that is the worst part.   She allows you to just pull her to you and cuddle.   She really is a joy.   I love this girl with all my heart.

Daycare, particularly Jen, has taken some BEAUTIFul pics of my girl & even got a full COUCH CREW initiation pic.   I'm going to work on the photos & adding them to this in a few.   Keeping my eye on the clock & listening for Rich ....

The others are doing well.  Volos has become even more of a cuddle bear. His favorite thing to do first thing in the mornings is jump up on the couch & cuddle with me.  i love him so much.  Ziva has definitely brought out an even cuddlier side to him. 

Peryn--- Peryn is still a jerk., an AH, & just a plain ole PITA.   seriously he lives to annoy. HOWEVER... I think I have caught him "taunting" Ziva a few times with a toy.   Volos was nearby so I don't know if she was just in proximity or if he really is trying to get her to play.

Volos & Peryn got into it over a toy. Peryn taunted, Volos responded. The two of them went at it with the object, an alligator, in their mouths while they wrestled hard for it.   It gets tiring (& messy)l..     Their personalities are in direct opposition.    Luckily (if you want to say that) they only fight over toys.   

Friday, August 27, 2021

Pupdate Aug 27 2021

Starting this Aug 25, but will I finish it the same day?  We shall see.

Yes, you would think with a puppy that I would have tons to write about. I do actually, but the problem is in finding time to do it.

A few weeks back we made the decision to "cut back" on how often the dogs go to play-care a week.  Financially speaking, by doing this we can stretch the 10 day visits so we're paying right around payday.  Play care for 3 is expensive.     For 4 it's going to require some finagling.  When we had Duchess & Athena, they didn't go all the time, so it was easy to do back then.  Duchess chose when she wanted to go & Athena depended on how she was physically.       This is also when we had M, W, F daycare days. 

Currently they aren't open on Wed.  Adding in our cutting back, I now have the dogs with me Tues & Wed.  Normally it's crazy, but adding in the pup just adds that much more to it.   There is an extra "intensity" to my days home.    I really wish it weren't that way, but nothing I can change about it. 

Which one to start with? We'll go oldest to youngest....


Dude has completely come out of his shell.  He's more confident in his place within the pack & has no issues demanding what he wants.  He wants Mommy to pay attention to him? I'll climb right up on top of here.  This floor is annoying, he climbs up on the bed (dog/human).   

He engages more when I'm downstairs playing with the Heelers.  He gets involved in his own way. It's really a joy to see.  It really makes me smile when he's in the middle of the floor playing in his own way with the others.    He is such a happy boy.    

Lada & Him have been a bit "left out" as Rich walks Ziva & Peryn together.   TO make it up to them, I took them to Petsmart the other day.   Volos enjoys it as the toys are at his level & he always gets to take one home. 

We found him a long floppy stuffed horse with squeakies.  He took it and carried it around the store. Everyone that saw him started smiling, laughing , or had to say something about him picking his toy. He wouldn't let it go even when it was time to check out. I had to rip the cardboard label off it so they could ring it up. 

He doesn't run from Ziva anymore. He doesn't engage her either. However, they are usually side by side.  He doesn't snap at her when she goes into is stash to take something (usually).   It's like he won't admit it, but he's fond of her.     

Currently he has an issue with his front left leg/paw. He started limping last night & still has it this morning.   I laid on the floor with the dogs a bit ago & gave his shoulder, leg, & paw a massage.   I think he wasn't limping as much after, but he only walked from the house to the outside, so I need to see him walk further. 

Volos' relationship with the other 2 is still the same. With Peryn it's very adversarial with toys & with Lada, he's gentle around her. They still occasionally "air fight" (don't know what else it's called) with their mouths.      Pretty much he's a pretty happy & loving bear.


Sigh.   Right now he's not really one of my favorites. His A*H*ishness has intensified.  He's been getting yelled at more & more.  He snarls & snaps at Ziva quite often. He's still a BIG JERK with Volos & toys.  
Actually the dog is insane. When it comes to taunting V with toys, he uses ANY MEANS NECESSARY to escape when V comes at him. This includes ducking under the open recliner, jumping over & on the recliner (in which we are on-therefore on us), over the couch (back behind us on the couch).   He's just a big jerk.   
He injures me, he's injured my Mom, & I'm sure someone else will get hurt if they're here when he tries this.    

Otherwise he is the same old cattle dog he usually is.  Wants to play ball/fetch ALL.THE.TIME.  Went to my BFFs house this weekend & her dog is just like Peryn with fetch. Would not stop. Barks when you ignore him. Throws it down when he wants you to throw.   Definitely was interesting to see it from another side. 

He's still very affectionate when he comes home from play-care or when it's lighting &thunder..otherwise no changes.

Occasionally when we are outside playing fetch, Ziva likes to run along with them.   He ignores her mostly then, but that's the extent of her playing with him. 

We're not sure, BUT he might be trying to play with her a teeny bit.  We'll catch instances where he's tempting Volos, but if she is near he tends to get in front of her.   Not sure if it is coincidental or not, but we're still unsure. 


Crazy girl is still crazy. She's been feeling left out as Daddy does not take her when Ziva gets walked.  Lada isn't a consistent walker, so for training to walk on a leash, she's not the best candidate.  She has at least 3x that I have witnessed attempted to engage Z in play.   Lada's ways are subtle, so I don't know if Z didn't recognize it for what it was or not.   However, I have hope.   

Lada doesn't snap or growl at her too much. I think she understands that I will not have that unless it's because Z nipped at her wrong.  But if Z approaches me & Lada growls, I shut that down.  

Ziva has become fixated on Lada a bit.   Whenever they play fetch now (especially in the basement) she is always running right next to Lada & trying to engage her in play.  Lada ignores this mostly either by ignoring or avoiding her.      Ziva really is taken with Lada when they play with the ball. 

I am trying to give her my extra attention so she does not get jealous or hateful towards Z.   No need to start another fight if we can help it.   

Lada puts up with a lot of Ziva's actions quite well.  I really am hoping they can be friends one day soon. 


Vet update: At last visit she was 27.3# & her heart murmur is almost completely gone. Vet said it was very faint.   Yay for that.    She is HUGE.    I remember Lada as a puppy, her growth wasn't so discernable.  I guess the same with Peryn. It felt like they were taking time to grow.   Maybe because their sizes between puppy & adult weren't so significant. 
Ziva however is BIG. She's bigger than Lada & almost as big as Peryn.   Every morning it's like she either grew out length or height wise. It's a jolt seeing how she changes from day to day. Her back legs are long, they seem to grow quickest so she's always hitched up in the back. 
She makes lots of noises when she lies there trying to sleep. I think it's her growing pains.  

She is a beauty though & we love her so much. She has a pretty chill temperament. She takes most things in stride.   When she isn't being chill, she's acting like a puppy. Going from toy to toy. Picking up everything she isn't supposed to.  Biting with those puppy vampire teeth.   
She is ...wary of the vacuum & rug cleaner.  I don't know if she's scared exactly, but she does move away from them when they are being used.   

House training is still going on. It's a bit of back & forth. One or two days she'll go completely outside. Then the next day she pees all inside (on the puppy pads).  We're going longer at night in between outings, so that is good.  Our biggest (or I should say HER) issue is not alerting us that she needs to go outside.  
I need to keep reminding myself that she IS A PUPPY, so this is not unheard of. Peryn & Lada were having issues in their later months, so if she doesn't have it down at 3 months..that isn't unusual. 

We've begun training. The past few days we haven't had much time & I avoid training around the others.  They get a chance to get a treat & it's chaos.     I will just keep re-iterating the commands as much as possible. We've got sit, paw, crate, come.   I've attempted stay....and that's definitely a work in progress. I also need to work on down, off, up, & leave it.   
She is very engaged when we train, so that is encouraging. 

She loves toys & most recently has begun to play tug.  She's pretty strong for her size (or I am that weak).  She also likes taking toys & "whipping' her head around. She seems likes she most wants to play physically, like wrestle.   None of mine have done this in some time, so I know when the time comes she is going to LOVE play-care.

She loves lying on top of A/C vents.   Definitely a Berner trait--not liking being hot. She loves to get into stuff. The worst was tearing up my baby blanket. My Grandma crocheted each of us a baby blanket that I still use.  It needs repairing or some work to stop the fraying. 

If it is in her reach & not for her, she will take it.   If it is in her reach & FOR HER, she ignores it. You know, typical puppy behavior. She likes to mirror her siblings, so having them along for our routines has been helpful.

A perfect example is bottles. She is very much like Galen was when it comes to plastic bottles. She loves to work the caps off & she loves to chew on them.  Even when there is still stuff in them. Made the mistake of leaving a Gatorade bottle of fruit punch with a drink or two left.   Found her chewing the bottle & I had to clean up the spilled FP on the carpet.

Another favorite thing she loves are the landscaping rocks around our patio. She loves to lie in them, roll in them, dig in them, & chew on them. Don't know what it is about them, but she is fascinated with them.

Took her to meet my BFF this past weekend.  She had a BLAST.   Between my friends dogs, daughters, & the other guests, Z was quite busy. Her one daughter went outside to run around with Z.  By the time we went to leave, Z wouldn't even lift her head. She was T I R E D.  She was carried out to the car.   

It makes me sad watching the others ignore her when she wants to play.  Along with what I saw this weekend, I can't wait until she's fully vaccinated to be able to send her to play with other dogs.  My biggest fear is she won't be completely house broken & this will throw it off--but girl needs this. She is a young pup with lots of energy that she is unable to expel on her siblings. 
I can tell you what is going to happen when she goes though.  She will find friends & begin to play & Lada will come in & interrupt like she does with all her other siblings & like she did with Duchess.   

Finished 8/27

Saturday, August 14, 2021

August 14 2021- Athena 1 Yr


Pupdate: August 13 2021

 Welcome welcome.    It's been an exciting few weeks that is for sure.      So let's get right to it...

Ziva. I love this pup.   She is seriously the most chill puppy I have ever come across.  Now I don't know if that is necessarily cause she just is awesome or if she's been trying to get a lay of the land.   I've kept daily notes of the things she's done & progress so I can share with you.  

Before I get to that, the other dogs....  were NOT a fan. Ziva was used to having her mom & siblings to play with, so when she came here she didn't hesitate to approach the pack.   They've either ignored her, ran away from her (Volos), growled or snapped at her and plain old didn't want to have anything to do with her.   It was heartbreaking cause she just wants to play.

When Peryn & Lada are playing fetch outside, she runs along side them.  Rich has taken to walking her with Peryn as he works on her leash training.   Slowly we've seen a thaw of sorts.   If she wants to take something from them, they don't snarl, they sometimes let her take it.  They may just do a low growl.   Volos doesn't run from her anymore. He's allowed her to hang out near him.   Lada doesn't straight up go after her when I give her attention.  Even this morning I believe Peryn tried playing with her.    Progress!

Let's get to the updates: 

Aug 2- we learned the pens are useless to keep her in.   She jumped up on the side & climbed over the top. She discovered the area behind the couch could be used to travel through (I call it the Expressway).  She used it many times & got stuck in the lamp cord, pulling it off the table & breaking it. 

Began noticing some issues with her going in the house. She was going way too often. Sometimes there was pee, sometimes there was a drop, there was blood at times.   It was way more than potty training issues.   I was sure she had a UTI.

August 3-she went missing.   Turns out she was lying beneath my Mom's open recliner.  When Mom began to close the recliner, it "swept her under". When I went looking for her & couldn't locate her Mom asked if it was possible for her to fit under the recliner. Opened it up & there she was. Didn't make a peep.

Got in touch with the vet & dropped off a urine sample.

August 4- Had a bunch of energy.  Played in the basement at lunchtime. She had a visitor.  She also ran outside along with her siblings.

August 5- Mom & I had somewhere to be & we didn't want to leave her alone -esp if she had a UTI.   Daycare watched her on the "secure" side for a few hours.   

August 6-Stinker stole my Hawaiian Scooby off the shelf again. Figured it out when I heard the metal scraping across the floor. This was the 2nd time she did this. 
Saw some signs that she may be like Volos with toys. Kept coming in the room to take a toy from the toy box & take it in the other room. 
Mom & I went to visit some cemeteries & we took her along for the ride. She slept the whole time, cuddled up next to me. 

She barked at some walkers on the path behind the house.   
Doesn't have a UTI, but possible vaginitis. Given some anti-inflammatory & probiotic to put her on. 

August 7- Rich took her on 2 walks.  She was locked in the crate for the first time while we left for a few hours.   Later she got to play in the basement. She did pretty well.

August 8- Went out to breakfast, she was left in the crate a few hours-again she did well.  She was extremely playful. While outside she ran with the ACDs while playing fetch. She's obsessed with the rocks around our patio & she took off to the front of the house.  Scared the living daylights out of us when we realized how quickly she disappeared.

August 9- When I let them out in the early morning, she was lying in the rocks-playing with a bug.  She did a bit of chasing her tail.   She was EXTREMELY playful playing with the toys. Showed her 'Volos like tendencies' again.   She had some mini-zoomies.   
Brought out the pool & she splashed in with me & the ACDs.  Was extremely cuddly.  Little stinker got into the bathroom trash--so had to clean that up.

AND----she looked so much bigger. In fact, she's now bigger than Lada.

August 11- She jumped up on the couch. No more multiple attempts, she now can jump up from the floor. 

Thawing in the puppy relationship is noticeable.

August 12- I had to go into the office, so she was left alone by herself in her crate.  I came home to a silent house.  She was pretty non-reactive to my coming home & letting her out. As I said, she's very chill. 

She now likes to jump up on the couch & climb up on the back of it.    
She got a new toy that the boys took from her.  When she tried to take it back, they let her!

Monday, August 2, 2021

Pupdate: August 2 2020

 Hi.   A lot happened since the post from a week ago and I decided to do the Ziva update first.    Now that that has happened, I'll give you the regular pupdate. 

Lada: Lada my ever faithful side-kick & travelling companion. We drove down to Tenn for the 2nd anniversary of my father's passing.  Mom, Dave, Lada, Ricky, & I relaxed in the super hot mid Tennessee weather.  
Lada still demanded to play.  Due to the heat, our play sessions were shorter...much shorter, but they were longer.     

She loves visiting Grandma. She loves "playing" with Uncle Dave.   She tolerates Ricky.  She is not a fan of Ziva.    She does not like sharing me and Ziva is young and requires a lot of attention--no. just no. Ziva tries to get her to play with her, but Lada isn't ...

Peryn is Peryn.   He is a tiny bit more affectionate than before, but otherwise nothing new with him.   Same AH behavior.  He ignores Ziva---but I believe he'll be the first to break down & play with her.   Stay tuned. He & Volos tried to break into her pen before they knew it was "HER" pen.  I bought her some toys that they want. 

Volos.  Dude is really coming out of his shell.   THREE new firsts this past week and a half.  First he jumps up on the couch, without prompting,  for cuddles.  We used to have to call him up and assist him. Not anymore.  He wants attention, he climbs up and demands it from you .
Second new thing, He laid on the dog bed.   ALL this time he has not once laid on anything other than the floor, bed, or couch.   The dog bed that has sat in our living room forever  has only been used by Lada & Peryn, until Yesterday.  Shocked the heck outta me.   

Third-- This morning he jumped up on the bed in my office & proceeded to stay there.   Never done it before   Safe to say he feels confident in his place here and knows we'll not hurt him. 

He absolutely doesn't want anything to do with Ziva.  Runs from her.  She follows him EVERYWHERE...he hates it. 

Day 5-  She's a character!   She absolutely loves the route behind the couch. She loves sleeping under the patio chairs as we sit outside.  She's growing so much.   
She really is a sweet, chill dog.    The most she gets worked up about is being put in her crate or pen.   In fact today we put her in the pen so we could run to Target. Came home to her lying in the kitchen, patiently waiting for us.      No destruction evident... (we'll let you know if that changes)

Sunday, August 1, 2021

Pupdate#1- Ziva

 She's home!    She's ...a puppy therefore a handful.

We picked her up before noon on Wed the 28th.  In the 10 days since we last saw her, she'd grown quite a bit.   All that was left was Rixie (Red).   Christine, the breeder, kept her so Rosie has at least one of her puppies.   
Rosie....omg Rosie.  This beautiful dog just killed me.  She walked us to our car when we went to leave.  She said Goodbye to Ziva ... ugh.

Ziva..... Well She is LOVING her new home.  She is loving the other dogs--however the same cannot be said for them. They're either ignoring her or running from her.   Right now they want nothing to do with her.   I am sure that will change...we'll have to document that.  

She is a handful.  Puppies...yeah... I knew there was a reason I wasn't in a hurry to get another.   Trying to keep on top of her on getting her to go out.   She's so much like Volos & just plain stubborn.    But for the most part she cooperates 75% of the time.

She came alive yesterday after the kids came home from daycare.  She really loves watching them, chasing them & following them.       We have to keep a watch on how they react to her.   We're allowing normal correction "barks/nips". Like she bit Lada on the tail & Lada nipped hard at her. We'll allow that. But when they do it because she's near or wants me, we're shutting that down.

Peryn is still obsessed with getting Volos to play with him and he has a willing participant right there with him... It'll take time. 

Volos--- yeah. He's not a fan. He runs from her.  His first instinct is to snap & we're getting on them for that, so he just avoids her.   

Peryn & Volos however are trying hard to get into her pen as she has toys. Toys they do not have access to.  It's funny & annoying. 

Lada.  This was the one we knew would have issues.   Unless you've seen an ACD attached to it's's difficult to really imagine just how possessive they are.  Possessive and protective.  I have to keep reminding myself to pay attention to Lada as she is not handling it well.  

First night home I had Ziva in bed with me a bit before I put her in the pen for the night.   ALL 3 dogs left me in the room.   

This NEVER EVER HAPPENS unless they are going outside.  Lada NEVER abandons me in bed.   Volos--is hit or miss when Rich isn't home (he wasn't).   Peryn--Peryn is like Lada.  The only difference is Lada sleeps on my pillow at my head.    THEY LEFT ME because she was there.

We've had her now for 4 days & I just adore this puppy. She's pretty chill for the most part. Nothing like the psychos were.   She's all about sleeping, cuddles, & playing.  

Things of note: 

She disappeared on us and it turns out she went behind the couch and ended up passing out.   

She just about lets anyone hold her.  She doesn't squirm or try to jump down.  She's CHILL.

She was chill at the vet, when we had my Mom's family over, just pretty much chill.     

Wed -Friday she slept in a pen, but she was put into a crate last night for the first time with us.   She whines a bit, but for the most part settles down to sleep. 

Took her to the vet on Friday.   Here's the summary:

She's currently 21.6# at 9 weeks.  The heart murmur that she was diagnosed with from the breeder's vet isn't as bad as originally thought. It may clear up on its own.
She has a yeast infection in both ears, so she's on meds for that. We take her back in 2 weeks for her next set of shots.