Saturday, August 6, 2022

Diary of a pup: Ziva

 Ziva here.

Today Momma & Daddy tooks me to where I came from.   We drove awhile to this familiar place. It smelled & looked familiar.   

At first there were all these puppies in a pen that made me think it looked familiar. Then I saw the lady that helped takes care of me when I was a baby. I recognized her smell.  I kept hearing dogs in da house behind da door.  I wanted to see dem. I love making friends.

I gots to snack on food & gets pets. Then the lady opened the door to let the one girl dog out.   We sniffed each other and sniffed each other.  She was familiar to me.  Then we realized we was sisters. She was red, but now is Rixie.   Rixie is really cool.  

After a bit, the lady let the other dog out. We sniffed each other too.   I remembered that scent too.   It was my puppy momma. When I was puppy--she had me and tooks care of me.  She gave me to my awesome Momma & Daddy.   

I was told the little puppies there were my puppy siblings.  They were cute but gots really annoying quickly. It was also really hots so I not play.

I gots peaches too. Never had before. Yummy. 

Friday, July 29, 2022

Pupdate July 2022


How are you dealing with these hot temps?   Volos-not. a. fan.  Neither is Momma.   Ziva, Peryn, & Lada deal with it by jumping in the nearest body of water--pool or pond.   

The heat though is not going to keep Z down. She is going to play, play, play.  She is such an active dog.  Of all our dogs that have gone to play-care, she is the one who loves it the most. 

We just celebrated the 1 year anniversary of bringing her home.  Hard to believe that time has flown by with her growing so fast & finding her place in the pack.  She really brought life to it that is for sure.  We have never had this active of a pack since Galen & Sheba were a two-some.     

She really loves being around other dogs and then her favorite humans.  Lada is her BFF and Volos is her "Big Brother" whom she absolutely adores.   For a dog that didn't like other dogs being up & in his business, he has definitely acclimated to her presence. 

Then there is Ziva & Lada.  BFFs who have knock down, drag out fights.  It's a wrestling match of some sort or another on our couch nightly.    For two dogs of way different sizes & builds, it's so interesting to watch them wrestle & no one gets hurt. 

On a good day Lada gets to wrestle with both Ziva & Volos (not at the same time.   She really loves her pack immensely--always has.

Peryn's had a few rough days here & there with the storms. He is NOT a fan of storms --particularly when thunder is involved.   

I always talk about how crazy it is on the days they're home from play-care.  I actually shot a bunch of videos one such day & put together a video outlining just a part of our day to give you a small glimpse into my insanity.

This week I have been on a staycation. One that I have very much needed. I was originally supposed to head to TN to spend the 3rd anniversary of my Dad's passing with my Mom & Bro, but plans changed.

Volos has been loving EVERY MINUTE of it. We've gone on car rides, visited the pet store, got him treats, pets... he's LOVED having Momma around. We've even had some early morning cuddles after the rest of the pack left for the day.

Today is the last day of stay-cay & I'm trying to think of a good place to take him.  He actually didn't want to get in the car earlier today. This is highly unusual. He LIVES for going places in the car. Has since day 1 so this was very weird. He's acting normal, so maybe he just wasn't feeling it. 

Our neighbors are moving & they're pretty sure the new neighbor has a dog.  Very interested to see how this will play out.  Will they have a new friend, enemy, or will it be a non-issue?      Fingers x'd that its a playful friend for Ziva.

To end this entry, since Peryn wasn't discussed too much in detail, we'll give you a few photos of the handsome PITA.....


Friday, July 8, 2022

June 2022...

 The hardest part about prepping these posts--figuring out what I last posted while looking for any new interesting things that were recorded or posted......

We recently had our bathroom renovated. During the renovation they removed the old mirror which was placed in the living room.  Ziva was very interested in the doggy that appeared.

Everyday Volos looks forward to his car ride. I've been calling him Miss Daisy. Here are a few glimpses of him enjoying the trip.    He is totally happy being in the backseat as Momma drives his butt around. He's even happier when the trip ends with chicken nuggets. 

We had a visit from the duck & it's family the other day:

Volos has picked up a new talent. Discovered it while watching Reels on Facebook. So glad I was able to capture.

Peryn here would like to show off his favorite toy. He will constantly drop it or crush it to get it to go off. 

Here's the crew......

Lada's having the greatest Summer. My little athlete.

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Do I want to talk with my dogs?

 I've gotten into the habit of viewing Reels (Facebook version of TikToks).  Recently quite a few have shown up of people teaching their dogs to communicate with buttons. 

Previously I knew of Bunny, but not all the others.   

These have me so intrigued.   I really love that these show that dogs (and even some cats) are smarter than people give them credit for.    I have been considering it for awhile now.  

However I am on the fence. Do I really want to go down this rabbit hole? 

Part of me wants to buy the buttons immediately.  The other part knows the monsters I'd be creating.    Can you imagine my pack of nutts "speaking"?

Thursday, June 9, 2022

Pupdates : June 9 2022

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June 9 2022

HEY! Welcome to June.  

Ready to hear about some recent shenanigans?

Wildlife living on the Edge...

We have quite a bit of wildlife that cross thru our backyard. We have deer daily. There is a rabbit that loves the foliage along the back fence. Geese. Turkey. Ducks....    They love to wander into our yard.  

Lada has always loved to chase the deer. She did it at our old place all the time.  Disappeared into the woods to chase & play with them.  She always chases after them here.  I usually stop her before she hits the woods, but she would follow them if she could. 

We were out on the back patio enjoying the day when 2 ducks waddled into the backyard--with the dogs out. Luckily we have pretty good control of the dogs. 

In that video, you see along the back fence. That is where the bunny usually is found foraging.  Never have seen him away from the fence. That is until Sunday.  Went to let the dogs out and this is what I see.  
I kept yelling at the bunny through the glass "RUN!!!!"   and "GO BUNNY GO!!" while knocking on the window.  Bunny wouldn't move.  After a few tries of that, I slowly open the door up a crack.  Yell again at it.  I'm also hoping that the dogs would begin barking at it and scare it away.  

Nope.   Still laid there.   Slowly open the door more.   Nope.  A little more...nope.   Then the door was open wide enough for the dogs to rush out.     

Eventually after several minutes Peryn got tired of waiting & ran out, chasing the bunny away.  However for the longest time it was like the dogs were watching a show. 

Video of above

Daily Digging

Each night, R gives the pups cookies.  He'll also dole out bones for them to chew. Ziva lives for these chews.   Lada usually buries hers in the bed to leave for the next day or when she's in the mood.   
Ziva is aware of this fact and each morning will search (aka dig ) through the blankets to find the chew.  

Here she is in action...

Fun! Fun! Fun!

Now that the weather is nicer, we were able to bring out one of the pools for the pups.  Peryn & Lada of course loved it.  Anytime Peryn has a place to cool off after chasing a few balls is his favorite.

We also went to the Farm on Memorial Day.  Pups were excited as 2 of their friends from Day Care showed up.  Ziva had a blast playing with them after we were in the pond of course. 

Here's some additional videos of the crew:

Mornings with the Crew

Hang time with Lada

Ice Cubes

No Sleeping!!

Monday, May 16, 2022



No my kiddoes aren't spoiled.  I've mentioned Volos does not care for daycare.  He's not really a social dog dog... He will sniff new dogs, but he doesn't care to interact with them.  He likes his pack. He tolerates them most days, but it has to be at home.   

Most days he just loves to lie right at my feet & sleep until it's time to move.  I'll admit that I spoil the heck out of him.   This I am positive is another big reason he does not like leaving to go to daycare. 

Often I run errands at lunch which may or may not include grabbing lunch. When I get lunch, he gets lunch.  If I don't head out at lunch, as soon as he knows I'm logging off (they all know the sound of me pulling out my ID card) he gets super excited because most likely I am taking him on a drive. 

Most of the time it is exactly that, a drive.  We drive around the area & he just lies there relaxed. Happy to be in the car moving.  Today was another drive. No destination planned, but if I run into my old friends in the old neighborhood--he may get a pet or two. 

He is so content just to hang with me.  He loves people, well he loves getting attention from people.  Pets. Cuddles. Snuggles.  Makes his day.

Went to the farm yesterday & he was happy to walk between Daddy & me.  Occasionally he'd come up to the water & drink or go to where the pack was, but most of the time he was lying right by me  (in the shade).   He's not a summer dog at all. He does not like being hot & uncomfortable. 

Volos is all about structure & routines. Anything that disrupts that, he is NOT a fan.  

Ziva has recovered from her spay & umbilical hernia surgery.  She is NOT a dog you should keep from daycare or other dogs.  She likes to play. She loves to do her thing.  We had to keep her sedated to keep her from getting too wound up because she was not getting to play.  The last two days before suture removal I stopped medicating her.  I regret it.  She was OBNOXIOUS! I kid you not this dogs was PSYCHO!  She was so happy to be back among her peers.

If I could only send her, I would.  Thing is Lada, Peryn & Volos think it's play time when they're home from daycare.   Maybe I should only send the girls.  

When we went to the farm yesterday, Ziva had a B L A S T!  She loves the water even though she hasn't tried swimming yet.  She loves to wade in it & splash. She loves running with Peryn & Lada. She especially loves running with Lada.   Ziva worships her tiny sister.

Peryn is Peryn.  There really aren't many stories as of late for him.  He lives to torture Volos to the point Volos goes after him & he runs.   He always wants to play fetch. Every evening he comes to me with his ball, wanting me to throw it.
HE wants to go in the basement to either play with the herding ball or chase tennis balls with Lada. 

He had a blast at the farm because he has access to water to cool him down. This allows him to last longer when playing fetch.

He goes INSANE when Rich packs the herding ball to take with us. Dude gets in the car & immediately tries to herd the ball INSIDE THE CAR!   Ball is Life is no joke when we say it's his motto.

Lada. ...

Lada is such a complex gal.  She absolutely adores her family/pack. Always has. She loved playing or annoying Duchess & Athena. She has always loved hanging with Peryn.  She's formed a bond with Volos & she absolutely L O V E S wrestling with her baby sis.  

She is the glue, the heart of this family.  She is the one that brings everyone together.   She really loves with every fiber of her being.  She is also insane & very possessive of Momma.  She can handle 'sharing' every once in awhile.  She'll allow some attention to the others, as long as she's getting some at the same time. 
Then there are the days where she is like NOPE! NOT HAPPENING. BACK OFF. 
That's when Momma's hers & hers alone.  She even gets like that with Rich.

Rich comes & kisses me when I'm lying in bed, before he gets ready.  A lot of the time, she just lets it be.  The other times, nope.  She will fly out of her little nest in the bed & block him from getting to me.   

She's my BFF.   My co-pilot.   She also drives me insane with her crazy need for my attention ALL.THE.TIME.

When her attention isn't on me, I enjoy watching her wrestle with the Berners.  Peryn & Her herd the ball or play fetch.  That's their thing.  They used to wrestle all the time, but Peryn doesn't do that anymore.   

She also has a few friends at daycare as well.  She's our social butterfly. 
But she's clingy as....actually both her & Volos are. Heaven forbid I grab my keys or even put on shoes.  The two of them are at the door not allowing me an inch to sneak out.   

Her favorite thing is playing fetch with tennis balls. However playing with them has to be with me.  She will continuously try to bring me the ball if anyone else but Jen throws it.  Momma is the center of her world. 

The only thing she does that drives me crazy is chase after the deer.  There is a family of deer that reside in the woods behind us. They like to go to the one side of us & eat seeds.  Then they head across the yard to the other side for water.  She loves to chase them when they're over by the water. 
I'm pretty sure that's what she used to do when she took off in the woods behind our old home--chase deer. 

The deer are getting smarter though. They often pause or wait until I let her out in the morning and once she's back inside you'll see them immediately cross over. She'll often turn around after coming inside & watch in frustration as they do this. She looks up at me like, "Come on Mom! Open the door".