Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Play Care!!!

Just a random selection of photos of the kids at play care the past few years. All photos taken by the Canine Club .
It's interesting to watch how Lada and Duchess grow more comfortable as time goes on.
Oscar & Peryn 2016

One of the pack's first visits 2017

The whole pack w/Peryn Standing guard

Back when she was afraid of every thing

Always BFFs

She wouldn't stray too far from him those early days

In the beginning, they always were lying around

Throw it!!!

Duchess' turn to stand guard


Lada & Apollo. Apollo was one of Peryn's first wrestling friends.

Chillin my feet

Lada becoming more comfortable of her surroundings

More socialization

Peryn sharing a toy

Lada wanting in the pool

One of Duchess' favorite things to do-Sunbathe

Catching up ...

Athena, out and about

Lada prefers up

Lada and a buddy


Nap time

Early picture of Duchess and her BF


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Duchess stalking her man


Duchess and her Oscar

The Girls chillin

Always by each other

Inspecting the wall

Keeping big sis company


Lada playing w. her friends

Action Shot!! Duchess playing with her man

Lada playing

Napping with a bud

Another shot of her trying to get him up

I'm taller than you!

Cooling down...



I can't see from down there!

Sisters playing

Hanging with the crew

Peryn, again!

Peryn getting in on the action!

Duchess and her Oscar...again

And again

the terrible twosome

The Crew Aug 2018